Investor Detail

Mr. Kairav Trivedi

Mr. Trivedi has joined the Board on November 14, 2020. He holds the qualifications of, FCA, FCS, LLB, MBA (JBIMS), FIOD, MCN and Insolvency Professional with over 23 years of experience in senior management in various sectors such as - Pharma, Automobile, Power Plants, Cement, Dredging, Ports, SEZ, Hospital, Infrastructure etc. Mr. Prince Tulsian (DIN: 02691348) Mr. Tulsian has joined the Board on 22nd December, 2009. Mr. Prince Tulsian was Managing Director until November 14, 2020. He continues with the Company as the Non Executive Director with effect from November 14, 2020. He has completed his graduation in Bachelors of Commerce. He has more than 20 years vast experience in tea plantation and production of good quality tea.