Investor Detail

Mr. Nadir Dhrolia
Managing Director

A highly motivated and result-oriented Businessman driven by the desire to make Lykis a Brand to reckon with not only in the Domestic Market but also Internationally. He has a knack at managing costs and devising strategies. Adept at creating strategic alliances with organizations and leaders to effectively garner support to implement key business initiatives. He excels at building and retaining high-performance teams by hiring, developing, and motivating skilled professionals.

He aspires to see Lykis as a Brand leader of the Cosmetic and personal care Ranges in India and explore new horizons. Mr. Nadir believes “Progress is never a dream, it’s always a distant reality. You reach one milestone & the other is waiting on the horizon.” It is with this belief that he sees Lykis Ltd. as one of the biggest exporters in India in the FMCG segment. He has always perceived Lykis as one that could make a difference with its quality and value for money products. Mr. Nadir is driven by a powerful, intense internal vision to make his company a Global Player and Lykis a Global Brand. He has big goals, big dreams, and does not compromise, always keeps his eye out for new opportunities.

Mr Nadir Dhrolia, comes from very humble beginnings. As a young school kid he worked for his father’s Shoe Business. Later his father moved to Congo -Africa for better prospects. Mr. Nadir after some years of living alone in hostels for his schooling; was taken to Congo to join his family. At a tender age of 16 he started working as a Salesman at a local shop in Congo supporting his family. He continued to work there for 10 years as a Salesman until his big break; when he decided to move on and take up bigger challenges. From then, he never looked back and moved on achieving bigger and better goals. Mr. Nadir was blessed and destined for bigger things as an entrepreneur. With sheer hard work, persistence and foresight he built a lucrative, thriving Exports Business and is now widely associated with well-known brands. He has ensured that his businesses thrive through tough competition and succeed through persistence and hard work.

Today Lykis Ltd. has created its own horizon by expanding from FMCG to personal care, health care, Food & Beverage and cosmetics segment under his able leadership. He believes that Lykis will soon be an established key player in premium cosmetics sector, personal care & health care range. He has great acumen at overcoming challenges and modestly gives credit to his Lykis team. He and his Motivated team have been successful in bringing Lykis to a new heights of global recognition.

The journey of Lykis Ltd. is never-ending & he is sure that with the support of his team and clients, the company will continue to scale new milestones of excellence in the years to come.